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The whole F**king Family!


The whole F**king Family!


"If you're not made fun of in this family, you're not loved."


Never know which words to use to communicate to the special people in your lives to tell them how you're really feeling? Now you can!!!

No one will hear crickets when you gift them with this!

This tripack of SHUT THE F**K UP, CALM THE F**K DOWN, and GO THE F**K TO SLEEP is a perfect gift for those special people, including your office manager! It's also just for you too if it's been one of those days, weeks, or month(s). 

Each personalised blend flavour is a great addition for each part of your day. Chai Masala tea for a mid-day pick me up with it's premium Sri Lankan black tea blend, soothing organic green Sencha tea enhanced with liquorice slice and peppermint for your after work days or post work outs, and last, our sleepy blend of organic chamomile, rooibos, valerian and lemon peel to get your evenings rest. 

They don't call us mind readers for nothing!

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