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Dino's Out and About on the Web

Roaming across the vast expanses of the internet, we stumbled across a few of our prehistoric friends up to their usual tricks! A few very creative types are doing some amazing things which make you think the lil F**kers are still with us! Check out a few below and stay tuned for more adventures!

Jorge Saenz

The amazing Mr. Saenz documents his travels around South America using the dinosaurs as his travel companions. He photographs his mates out and about in their element, exploring the sites and amazing scenery that South America has to offer. Mastering perspective and his amazing creative flair, Jorge brings the dino’s to life and looking at the photos, it’s hard to think they became extinct at all!

Hamish & Andy

If you haven’t heard of these guys and you live anywhere in the southern hemisphere, then you should get out more! The incredibly funny Australian duo are at it again, this time with what looks like an extra from the Spielberg classic! The guys have access to an incredibly realistic velociraptor and proceed to scare a series of unsuspecting colleagues as they come into an empty carpark. Check it out, well worth the watch!

 Dinosaur wedding photography

What better way to F**k up a wedding than being chased by a ravenous tyrannosaurus rex! Well unless you’ve been living under a rock or without access to the internet, you would have seen the countless number of incredible wedding shots doctored with Mr. T-Rex hot on the heels of bride and groom, the wedding party or even the whole reception! We’re not sure who started the trend but one of the originals appears to have been posted on Reddit in 2013, many calling it the “best wedding photo ever”. We’d claim it to!